David’s Journal- Entry 1

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Summertime, late July 1987


The days are longer, which brings us out even later, and some of us are late sleepers anyway, Dwayne being one of them. Marko and Paul are always up first after myself, clowning around down in the lobby or smoking a joint before we hit the town. Ever since Marko talked us into bringing Paul into the club, they’ve been close. Aside from Star and Laddie, Paul’s only been with us for a few years, but he’s taken to this life as if it was meant for him. I wish I could say the same for Star. She has yet to make her first kill. Paul talks to her a lot as he has no objections to anything we do as long as it’s a good time, but if Dwayne sleeps over time, he has Star take Laddie into the elevator shaft to get him up. He’s taken to the kid and won’t bark at him the way he does if one of us tries to wake him.


Luckily for us, with the summer come the tourists flocking into the Boardwalk. The park is open later, giving us the chance to wander, and pick out or meals for the night.


Tonight was a different story. Good ole Max sent us on a mission.  Star and Laddie don’t know about our head vampire. Right now it’s safer that way, according to Max, because there’s a family moving into town he’s interested in.  He’s really into the family state of being, and I respect that, but his intentions this time around are strange. I have a bad feeling about it, but right now the only thing us boys can do is rebel and piss him off, which means taking a few trips to his video store. We do a good job scaring the patrons, and the boys don’t stop at hitting on the employees.


But first things first, and that was to keep an eye out for the Emerson family. The boys were eager as we made our way along the California coast, but the humans below us wouldn’t hear a thing.  They were busied around bonfires on the beach and the rides in the park. Along with the busy activity came the surf Nazis. My beach, my wave, is their motto. They outnumber us, but they make for good feeds.


We met up with them near the carousel by chance, and I heard them call out our name as soon as I spotted one of them, a blond by the name of Shelly and decided to have some fun. She’s good looking and smells good enough to eat. The boys gathered around, watching as I touched her face. Their remarks on the situation were good-natured as always.  All it took was a look and she was mine, but Greg, her Nazi boyfriend wasn’t having it. That didn’t stop me, so he decided to join in. He pushed Dwayne back and the squabble began. I had Greg by the face just before Big Ed grabbed me from behind, the fat bastard with his baton. He had warned us to stay away before, but this would be the last time. I could tell Paul was still trying to pull Marko back from a fight and Dwayne was contemplating his move. I told them all in silence not to lose their cool. It wouldn’t be worth it, not there, not then. Later.


‘Ok boys, let’s go.’ As soon as that bat was off my neck, I turned, giving Ed the last look he would ever see on my face. There was enough meat on his bones to satisfy all of us, for an appetizer at least.


So far, there was no sign of any Emerson family. No smell of new blood, no scent of someone from out of town. They wore the scent like perfume, and Max had given me a description.


With Star entertaining Laddie, hours later, we took off after Ed. I guess they figure having one security guard on a summer night is the smart thing to do and since Ed was parked clear across the parking lot, there wouldn’t be anyone to hear his screams. If there were, we would find them. The screams are the best part. Ed discovered he could fly with the best of them that night, in about a thousand pieces by the time we were done with him. It was like pulling the belly from a fatted pig and munching on the greased gristle.




The Earrings

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David's earringPaul's earing

The very top is the one David wore and the bottom is Paul’s. They both sold. If I remember right Paul’s went for about $225. Pretty spendy earring, Paul. You better not lose it. :p But who wouldn’t pay big bucks for those bad boys?

A Rare Find

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A long time ago I saw this picture somewhere among the many scattered all over the internet, but that was the last I saw of it until now. It’s black and white and all Paul, and very drool worthy. I think he’s about to take over Marko’s sanctuary. Brooke also gives us a little insight on his character in the quote below. I can honestly say that he did a fantastic job in actually acting that out, seeing as that’s pretty much how I’ve always had Paul pegged. May we all sit here, stare and drool. 🙂

Inspirational Music Video

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The Outfield-Your Love

I’ve always adored this song, but I never thought about watching the video until a friend of mine posted it on Facebook. As I watched it, I noticed that one of the backup singers was a spitting image of Paul; not so much in the face, but his hair, his tall, lanky body, the way he moves and his expressions. It’s almost as if someone took Paul’s character and plopped him into a music video and I think it’s awesome. I’m now in love with this music video. LOL He is the one in all black and at one point in the very beginning he walks over to the painter, looks at her painting, says something, winks and then walks away. I’m like, no way!! That’s exactly something Paul would do!

Now for those of you who think I’m crazy, this was mere coincidence and a good one at that. I love finding things like this as it helps me build personality for my favorite vampires when I write them.

Dating the Lost Boys

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I have recently found myself challenged my friends. I’ve found another Lost Boys site that is amazing, but a little hard to communicate on as I have no idea how Tumblr works. LOL However, one person on there asked what dating the Lost Boys would be like and I feel the need to write down my ideas. I’ll do the boys but that’s it, because honestly dating the others is just, it doesn’t work for me right now. It’s all about those sexy vampires. Darn it all!!

David– This would be a challenge. Not to say that he’s immune to females. It’s obvious in the very beginning of the movie that he’s into them as he ruffles the feathers of the surf Nazi, Greg by putting his hand on his girl’s chin. I don’t think meeting him would be hard, but the question would be whether or not you could trust him on a date. He’s probably viewing you as a quick fuck and feed and that’s it. Now if he happened to see something more in you, or if you happened to be some kind of supernatural being, you would have that. He might wait, stalk you, test you, see how far you would be willing to go, no pun intended, and then possibly take you as his. The thing is, I don’t think most girls would be able to handle a relationship with him past that point unless they were used to cold, hard assed men with little to no emotion over half the time. Seeing as David is the leader of his pack, after Max, he comes across as cold and an asshole and I think love in that way is something he struggles with in terms of showing affection up front. It would take a while to break him down, and that’s why I say a girl with similar traits would be good for him because they could learn together.

Dwayne– Brooding, stoic, sexy Dwayne. Who wouldn’t want a date with him? Though I think most girls in their right minds should or would be intimidated by his dark stare and those hawk eyes. If they were lucky they would get the chance to see a bit of a softer side. The question is the approach. I see Dwayne being the one in the group most capable of being a lover, as he is wise and the second oldest of the group. He’s been around the block a time or two and if he decided to keep a pet mortal around for his pleasure, she would be held in the highest regard. No one would look down on her for fear they would get their ass beat to a bloody pulp and put into their own grave. And once she was his, I believe he would keep the girl until she was old, if he didn’t bring her into the pack, and even then in her dying days, he would pay his respects. I see him sitting on a back porch under the stars with his girl, a glass of red wine in each of their hands and sex for days on end. We’re not talking about the rough stuff, we’re talking about a little of that and a lot of romance.

Marko– Don’t let his appearance fool you, because most girls get it wrong. Just because he looks sweet and innocent doesn’t mean this monster is. He will fool you up and down and then eat you while you scream, laughing the entire time. This is one of Marko’s best assets, as it most likely brings him many, many meals from girls looking for a date. To me, Marko isn’t concerned so much with dating. I believe that relationships and sex to him are something he left behind in his human life and since he’s got the blood, it could be a waste of time. However, his charm alone could have a girl melting on the floor in front of him before he shows his true nature. If he were interested in a girl, he would do the dance of the fox, charming, wooing, possibly making a small show of himself in the most sensual way, perhaps with a rose presented to said girl. If you were lucky enough to date him and survive it, you would be his top priority aside from the pack, because we all know you don’t mess with what’s near and dear to this vampire. Said date could look forward to Small gifts in private, room to room dominance in terms of sex and once the relationship grew, she would be able to see a bit of that softer side Marko never shows anyone.

Paul– This bad boy is a sexy rock star all the way and he carries himself with confidence just knowing he can and will get any girl he wants. I believe he loves his girls for the sex and the blood, but that doesn’t mean he keeps them alive, but getting a date with this guy could be easy if you’ve got what he’s looking for. He presents himself as everyone’s best bud until that final moment when his true nature comes out and bang! said date is dead. No flowers for her. Though since he is the youngest of the group, I believe he still carries a bit of that human nature to carry him over into the possible love situation. The question would be if he wanted it or not, seeing as he is wild, he loves to party and I honestly can’t see him being tied down with someone permanent. However, the possibility is there with the right girl. Most writers tend to give him an equal, someone exactly like him and I think that’s a big mistake. I think he would dig a girl who is into the same things as he is, but have her own way about her with a bit of sass. Someone who is capable of claiming him for who and what he is. He would come across as his usual flirtatious self, because he has that mastered and the sex would be endless. Though I wouldn’t put it past him to look around at other girls and possibly make a game of it with his girl. She would have to become immune to his flirtatious ways knowing that he would be loyal to her in the end. I believe he would be as loyal to a girl as he is to his pack. Said date could expect chicken scratch notes left on mirrors and pillows stating how he felt about her, tapes of endless power ballads, and on the occasion something like flowers or breakfast in bed, so long as he got to feed from you after.

Happy B-day Marko!

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Happy belated birthday to the one and only, Marko, and of course the man that made him, Alex Winter!

New chapter added to an old story

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Hello everybody!

I have officially begun to write a second story, a sequel to Destination Unknown and in doing that, to tie it in with the first a little better, I have added another chapter to DU. It’s short but sweet and actually gives the character Sasha somewhere to go, rather than just being tied up in the basement towards the end. See, I didn’t realize that when I wrote the story, I had left myself so many markers in which I could add to or carry on into another story. One example would be Paul’s shirt. He left it in her cabin in the beginning and there was no rhyme or reason for it, he just told me he wanted to leave it there. Ok! I give Paul what he wants, no problem. LOL Now I know exactly what he was up to and it’ll reveal itself in this second story I’m working on. I also have another writer who is in it with me for the simple fact that roleplaying with her has opened up my mind to all these little clues that were left behind by the boys and of course, Serenity. Plus, she’s a great writer as well and knows Paul like the back of her hand.

Anyways, I’m posting the chapter here and it will also be put in the pages when I’m done uploading all the chapters. They have been edited yet again and updated as well and all the new stuff is up on Fanfiction.net. This chapter will come right after chapter 20. So there you go. Of course, feel free to comment on it here as well. 🙂


Deep in the belly of the New Life building, known to any other soul as the basement, there sat two, a vampire and a human not quite ordinary.

After the assault upstairs, David and Sasha had been thrown into lock down deep inside the dank, gray pit, but the only thing in David’s way was the heavy wooden door made of heavy steel and iron and drenched in Holy water. Sasha on the other hand, had been bound in rope and placed in a chair. She looked rather pathetic sitting there, twitching now and then in an attempt to get the ropes loose. It was amusing to watch as the Lost Boy lay there across from her, propped against big bags of sand as he listened to the water from the ceiling drip, fall and splash against the retched floor. It was dark in this place and smelled of earth and mildew. Yes, he preferred the dwelling of a cave, but this place was sheer filth and from the looks of it most of what the employees tossed away came to rest down here. It surprised him that it didn’t smell more of death and decay.

Sasha made another move just as he crossed his hands over his chest and he glanced over at her once more. The cloth mouth piece she chewed moved and he could tell she was trying to speak to him, more out of anger than anything, most likely because he was free and wouldn’t move a finger to help her out of the ropes that held her against her will. “Maybe I will as soon as I can feel my feet.” He turned his head nonchalantly back to the ceiling, watching a rodent of some sort make its way overhead in the darkness. She huffed and fussed, moving her body from side to side as best she could until the chair began to squeak and creak as if it were about to break. This brought a smirk to David’s face, and he turned again to look upon the deep crevice that had formed right in the middle of her eyebrows. “But first I want to know what you did to Paul up there. How’s that for a deal? Your freedom for the truth.”

The chair stopped moving and there was silence, and David let it go on for about ten minutes more until he finally rose to a sitting position. The taser had really done a number on him, unlike most ordinary human devices. Leave it to Max to create such a gadget that would bring vampires of his own kind to their faces, flat on the floor. He knew that soon enough his sire would be by to collect each of them. Sasha was a guarantee marked for death and if this vampire wanted answers, he needed to move fast before it was too late. His boots made a scuffing sound over the floor as he pushed himself to his feet and made his way over to the girl. She eyed him sideways, defiance painted in the dark brown of her pupils, even as David yanked the cloth from her lips. It hung in a wet mess over her chin before it slipped down around her neck and she adjusted as if to get the horrid taste out of her mouth, but when David paused, she looked right back up at him. “That frown on your forehead is going to be permanent if you keep looking at me like that. Now who’s got the upper hand?” He asked, moving within inches of her face to devour her indignation with just the power of his cold, blue eyes. “Now tell me what you did.”

“I…” she began, but let the rest out through her nose in the form of air as her lips pursed ever so slightly. Her eyes softened as she looked down, thinking of a way to explain her situation without setting the vampire off. “I was only trying to protect him. It’s a new gift I’ve been working on, the power of the mind, empathy and manipulation. Would you like to know why?” There was a twist in her voice and just as soon as her eyes turned thoughtful, there was break and her lips pursed even more as if she knew something that David didn’t.

David growled and lunged at her with his fangs bared. “Don’t play with me little girl. You might be part of the team, but not enough for me to give a rat’s ass about whether you live or die. Now tell me what I want to know or your death sentence will come faster by my hand.”

“Yes, but Paul cared. He cared enough to save me. Get me out of that room, and in return I just let him slip into something similar to a high. A dazed high, and you know he was safer in that room. It’s not fair, all that Serenity has. She has the four of you and all these powers while the rest of us sit and protect and fight for her. All I want is something of my own, and since Paul is obviously not…” she paused and looked up at him, not a sliver of fear in her eyes or her expression. The higher ups didn’t want this one knowing the truth and she’d almost let it slip.

“Not what?” His everlasting cool was waning all because this girl took it upon herself to mess with one of his boys, and if anything outraged David more, it was something that interfered with his pack. He looked deep into her eyes and did a quick scan of her mind but found nothing, nothing but black, as if wool had been pulled over her brain to keep the thoughts inside and keep intruders out. His lips curled back further over his fangs and he took hold of her wrist, letting his claws sink into the flesh. Pinpoints of her blood rose to the surface and he reveled in the way she made a pained sound. “Times a ticking away princess.”

“There are some things…David, that you’re not meant to know. Please…you’re hurting me.” She whimpered and caught his eyes, pushing into his mind with a rather violent shove as she tried to use her power of empathy on him. Maybe if he could feel what she was feeling, he would let her go, but since she was unpracticed, it did nothing but send him into a rage. He kept his hold on her and used his free hand to slap her across the face. The impact left her reeling as she was now sporting four deep slits across her cheek. Her shield was the obvious answer to get him away from her, but what good would it do if she was still tied and couldn’t get free by the time Max arrived? She squealed just a soon as she saw his hand about to come again. “Fine! Fine!! I’ll tell you. Though how you don’t already know is beyond me. I mean you must have some idea, or why would you have taken Serenity’s thoughts from her so long ago?” She paused but David didn’t move to answer her. Instead he kept his pose, ready to strike if she fed him more bullshit. “Marko is not her soul mate, Paul is. I don’t know why they put them together or forced it. That’s something they won’t tell me, but it was put into motion and that’s the way it has to be for all our sakes. You understand? But it makes sense, in a way, because he saved me. It’s a sign. He and I, we could be meant for each other now. The times have changed and…”

Before she could get another word out, David had his fangs deep in her throat. The nonsense and secrets had driven him into a raging madness and now it was time to end it. Deeper and deeper his teeth sank as if to leave his mark on her, but it was the blood he sought out. It was as sweet as Serenity’s and just as pure, but he could tell that in time, this little angel would be doing the devil’s work for her own intents and purposes. Not only that, but secrets were not something he was fond of. He had kept enough of them for Max and in turn Max had kept everything from him, given him lies upon lies and now this. No way would he let one of his own fall into a love trap and be enslaved because one person wanted it that way.

Sasha felt the pull on her body and she felt the pull of her blood straight from the heart as David drank deep, working to drain her to the point of no return and at last she felt the fear inside rise again as she was powerless to stop him. Her only hope was to use the power of her shield if she wanted to live another day and night. She had plans for her abilities, and she had plans for her favorite Lost Boy and no one was going to stop her. The force was immediate as she closed her eyes and sent the energy out, pushing David away as fast as he had attacked her. It took him by surprise as he stumbled back on his feet, but didn’t fall. “I wish I could say I was sorry for this outcome, but I’m not. Everything happens for a reason, David. Who’s to say Paul won’t take to me? Who’s to say that destiny can’t be changed? Are we not trying to change it tonight? The outcome of this war has Serenity on her death bed, at least for a little while since we all know she regenerates. After that her life will be bran new, and so will mine. This pack might be yours, but you don’t own them, unless you condemn your boys to loneliness without a mate.”

The cool calm that David was famous for had finally returned due to the small amount of nourishment he had managed to consume from her and he stood before the shield with his hands in fists as he listened to her babble. His stare never left hers and when she was done he smirked and licked his lips clean of any leftover blood. Sasha might have had her nifty little trick up her sleeve, but she was also naïve in thinking David didn’t have a few of his own. For someone who had come on so strong in the hallway above and went to extremes to correct him, she had forgotten one thing about these vampires; they were handy with the mind. One look is all it took and suddenly she was under his spell. “Don’t be so sure about that, Sasha. I have a feeling that ending you here and now will be better than letting you get any stronger. Manipulation is a powerful thing, but I’ll be damned if I let you do that to Paul. He’s the youngest of us, and still has a few things to learn. Now, drop the shield.”

The girl all but bit her tongue as her mouth snapped shut and her power dissipated, drawing back the shield altogether. As soon as it was gone, David rushed forward and grabbed her again. His fangs dropped and he bit into the other side of her delicate neck, gripping her wrist. Not only did blood appear from his bite, but also at the site where his nails dug into her skin. Little did he realize that while he was going at her with all the fury and loathing one vampire could possibly have, his claws were slicing through the rope that held her wrists in place. All he cared for was her blood and nothing more. There was something magnetic in these creatures, whatever they might be, humans with gifts or something more. Either way it didn’t matter until her heart began to slow to the point he could barely feel it anymore.

It was in that moment he decided to leave her on the brink of death and tore his mouth away, stepping back to let her head bobble and fall forward against her chest. “We’ll see if you come back from this, and then I’ll look forward to sparring with you. But the way I see it is, Max is on his way and princess, I doubt he’ll give a shit about whether you live or die in this hellhole, because as you know, you were marked for death already.”

Max was on his way. In fact, just as soon as David finished his sentence, he could hear the footsteps, but not his makers. No, Max almost always walked in silence. The sound came from his employees and he could tell it took four of them jus to get the door open.

“Greetings.” David welcomed them with a sharp middle finger and stepped back behind the chair, folding his arms behind his back while wearing that ever-familiar smirk of his. Curtis was the first through and looked as confident as ever as his followers pushed through the door and stood on either side of it, while Max was the last in line. Like David, he had his hands behind his back and had to duck to get under the frame.

“Well I’m glad to see your nature hasn’t completely left you, David.” His tone was calm but direct and he gave his fledgling a pointed look before he stepped forward to examine Sasha. “Curtis, let’s move her back upstairs, hmm? Give her a nice, comfortable bed to sleep on, with restraints of course. And David…you’re coming with me. You see? Everything is working out as planned.

“But sir, how will I assist you if I’m holding this girl?” Curtis asked, already at Sasha’s side, working to get the ropes off her wrists. She was limp and a bit pale from loss of blood, so it was easy to push her about and get her in the right position as his fellow workers gathered around and placed her on a gurney. The answer came to him right away and he held up one finger, shaking it with amusement. “Forget I asked that, sir. She’ll be placed in a more suitable room right away. We’ll catch up, don’t you worry.”

“I’m not worried, Curtis. I’m not worried in the least.” Max let out a low, yet horrifying laugh as he neared David and placed a hand on his shoulder. His stance was overbearing as he towered over his fledgling, but his demeanor took change rather quickly back to pleasant and he nudged David along. “Come now, time is wasting.”